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clann mckenna chieftains

Clann McKenna Chieftains assemble at the Clann McKenna Twelfth International Rally 2013

Clann MacKenna was established in 1990 to bring together McKennas locally, in and around Monaghan, and worldwide.

The MacKenna name comes in many versions – MacKenna, McKenna, McKenny, MacCionaith and many more.

Since it was established, Clann MacKenna has brought many members of the McKenna clan together at Clann McKenna events and we have developed close links in Monaghan and elsewhere including, Miramichi (St. Edward Island, Canada), New Zealand, USA, and we have also developed close links with the McKenna Clan of Chile, Argentina and other South American countries.

Clann MacKenna also researches MacKenna history and heritage and to date we have published 10 “Clann MacKenna” Family History Books or Journals. Our Family History Society Books – which are sampled in our Publications area of our website – include an exciting range of articles of local and international interest. 

Never shy of progress and in keeping with its transnational nature – Clann Mac Kenna has designed its website now only to show case Clann McKenna activities and achievements, but also to facilitate communications and the sharing of information between Clann McKenna members and to the interested public on a global basis.

For information on the objectives and functionality of this website, please check out our About our Website page.

We hope you find the Clann MacKenna website interesting and informative. We will be happy to hear from you if you would like to join Clann MacKenna or would like more information about Clann MacKenna.

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